Stacy Talks & Reviews: Waffle Grilled Cheese with Jarlsberg for National Waffle Day March 25

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Waffle Grilled Cheese with Jarlsberg for National Waffle Day March 25

Jarlsberg® Cheese, the nationally recognized premium brand of cheese, celebrates National Waffle Day with an ooey-gooey recipe for Waffle Grilled Cheese. Everybody loves waffles, so why not indulge in your inner child with a simple-to-prepare yet gourmet inspired take on this humble delight? When you add Jarlsberg® Cheese to the crispy waffle grilled cheese, your friend and family will thank you – and ask for seconds.

With a flavor to please every palate, Jarlsberg® Cheese offers their classic, beloved wedge with its mild, nutty flavor, as well as other crowd pleasers that are perfect for a Waffle Grilled  Cheese including:

• Jarlsberg® Cheese Lite, offering the same mild, nutty flavor as regular Jarlsberg® Cheese with 50% less fat and 30% fewer calories, than regular Swiss cheese. This low-fat variety of Jarlsberg® Cheese original has the characteristic large round holes, with a lower fat content – perfect for those days when you crave the sweet, nutty delights of Jarlsberg® Cheese but need to watch your diet.

• Jarlsberg® Hickory Smoked Cheese has a piquant smoky taste, and like most smoked foods has a darker, browner surface.  Jarlsberg® Hickory Smoked Cheese is cold smoked over smoldering, hickory chip embers, this hickory smoked flavor will enhance your cold or hot foods, with its deep, smoky charm.

Enjoy this scrumptious recipe from Jarlsberg®  Cheese:

Jarlsberg® Cheese Waffle Grilled Cheese
8 square Belgian waffles
8 slices Jarlsberg® cheese
8 slices deli ham
8 sliced tomatoes
1 tbsp. butter or margarine

Spread margarine or butter on pre-made Belgian waffles. Toast waffles. Prepare cheese and ham. Place cheese and ham on toasted waffles and place in oven for several minutes to allow cheese to melt. Add on sliced tomatoes to your liking--or pair with Granny Smith apples for a sweeter taste.

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