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Luseta Keratin Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner Set

I've been using Luseta products for a few years now and I really love them. One part I like is that they have so many different formulas for various hair care needs. This is great for me because different times of the year I need different products for my hair. And when I color it I need something different year again. Another thing I like is that they come in both shampoo and conditioner so you can use them together and not have to use conditioner from a different line. Oh, and did I mention they come with a pump top! If you've ever struggled trying to hold onto a heavy, soapy shampoo bottle in the shower and dropped it on your naked toes you know how painful and annoying that can be. You don't even have to pick these up. Just stick your hand under the pump spout and give it a push or two (depending on how much you need for your hair) and you're all ready to go. The Luseta Keratin set has been really nice to have around with the lack of moisture in my hair lately. It's actually helped keep my wavy hair a bit more under control.

• Keratin infusing shampoo & conditioner lock in moisture and repair damaged hair. The smoothing and nourishing formula keeps hair strong, shiny and healthy.
• Shampoo without sulfates gently cleans the hair and leaves hair smooth, silky and easy to manage.
• Conditioner hydrates and protects hair from heat, and natural environment damages.
• Salon quality shampoo & conditioner lock in your color and preserve your expensive salon service.
• Increase hair elasticity to reduce hair breakage; for damaged & oily hair and straight & wavy hair.

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