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Family night out at Cracker Barrel

We recently took a trip to our local Cracker Barrel for a family dinner out. We don't really eat out that much other than a quick trip through a fast food place while running a bunch of errands so a sit down restaurant is a special outing. And on top of that it's not very often we are all home at time same time so it was quite a big deal for us. We like Cracker Barrel because it reminds us of grandmas home cooked meals. And because everyone is always so friendly. You're greeted as soon as you walk in the door and made to feel welcome all the way through till you walk back out.

I especially like it for the vast menu of food choices. Finally a place where the entire family can find something they like and not complain! We all like home-cooked comfort foods and this is the best place to find them. My daughter will vouch for that as it's the only place she can always find her chicken and dumplings as a meal. Some places occasionally have it as a soup side dish, but at Cracker Barrel you can make it your main dish. And it's served up with a nice tender piece of chicken breast so she's getting her meat fill at the same time. I opted to have one of my sides be chicken and dumplings so she would even have some leftovers. I've never finished a meal at Cracker Barrel so I always try to order something I know well get eaten as a leftover. I love that they have such a wide variety of sides to pick from. I have to say everyone got exactly what they wanted, and plenty of it!

After the meal we also got some dessert. There was no way I was going to eat all of mine so I had them put my apple turnover in a to-go container and just ate the ice cream since it would have melted before we went back home.

The kids on the other hand both got a sundae in a mug because they had room to eat it before we left. I honestly don't know where they put it after their meals! But hey it's not every day we go out as a family so they definitely deserved it. And after sneaking a little bite from my daughter's hot fudge sundae I have to say it was amazing! They use real hot fudge, not chocolate syrup...YUM!

If you have a Cracker Barrel in your area and haven't ever been I would highly recommend checking it out. They have a wonderful staff that is very attentive and friendly. And the menus are awesome too. You can order off their breakfast menu at any time, not just during morning hours. So if you're one of those that wishes you could have a big ole breakfast platter for dinner they won't let you down. We've actually done it while traveling because we didn't want to eat a big dinner while on the road and it was really good. They also have a country store right in their lobby that you can shop before, or after your meal. It has a lot of really unique and nice things. I've actually gotten a few things from their apparel line and I love them! If you missed my previous posts on them you can check them out herehere, and here.

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