Stacy Talks & Reviews: Craft Room Make-Over with Thirty-One: Part Two (Pegboard)

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Craft Room Make-Over with Thirty-One: Part Two (Pegboard)

Last week I showed you how you can utilize products from Thirty-One to get things you don't use very often up and out of the way. This week I am going to show you ways to use some of their other products to keep things not just out of the way, but also in reach. We do a lot of crafting so there are supplies that we tend to use alot. And of course we want those supplies within reach and not tucked away up high on a shelf.

I'll start at the top left where you can see three Oh-Snap Bins all "snapped" together. You can purchase these individually and they have a nice snap on the side you can use to hang them on their own, or snap them to their neighbor like I did. I felt like by attaching them together it gave each of them a bit more stability hanging and they didn't move as much. Just below the Oh-Snap Bins is the Hang-It Pocket Organizer. It's really just like it sounds, an organizer full of pockets. I love this because the bottom pockets are big enough to hold our sketchbooks. Another great use for this one is to hang off the side of a loft bed. My daughter has one that holds her book, flashlight, tissues, and other things she likes to use while up in her bed.

Next up I added two Hang-It-Up Key Fobs. It's little hard to tell from the photo but one has safety pins hanging from it and the other has o-ring clips. The key fobs are nice for organizing because it keeps small parts organized and easy to access. Next to those I have a Hanging Traveler Case and a Fold-Up Family Organizer. Both have multiple pockets making them great for organizing supplies. Plus if my daughter wants to take her fabric crafting or painting supplies with her to a friends house she can just take the entire case down and everything is ready to go.

Here's a photo of how the shelves and pegboard look together. Super organized and nice and colorful! I love having things where I can visually see them yet they are out of the way keeping our work space clean. The best part about Thirty-One is that they are always coming out with fun new patterns that are bright and cheerful! For my project I've used their Sweet Sprinkles, Lotta Colada, Patio Pop, and Charcoal Crosshatch patterns which I think all mesh together quite well.

In case you missed part one where I featured products to help you get things up and out of the way on shelves here's the link.

Make sure you watch for my third and final post next week where I will be featuring some products that are good for your desktop and more!

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