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Advent or 12 Days of Christmas?

Some people are firm believers in celebrating the advent every year in December. While others are firmly against it. I for one like to celebrate the advent with my family, but with all the hustle and bustle going on we don't always remember to start on time, and don't always remember every single day along the way. Life is just so full and busy this time of year. To help relieve some of that stress we came up with a back-up plan. If we don't start the advent on time we start our 12 Days of Christmas celebrating instead. We start it whenever we realize we missed being able to fully celebrate the advent, and then move through the 12 days as we remember to do it - in other words not always 12 days in a row. However we always end the last day on Christmas Eve. This is just how we like to end our celebration in preparation for Christmas Day.

Each year we prepare a little something different for our 12 days of Christmas. This year we decided to do some fun drawstring bags with goodies inside of them. We are going to paint the numbers 1-12 on them so we know which day we are on and how many we have left. Using some super cute colored clothes pins I am able to hang the little bags from the picket fence pieces that we are going to also paint. Day 1 is actually going to be celebrated with the kids doing all of the painting, and mom and dad filling the bags. Each bag will have two small items for the kids (like squishy emoji's and bubble tape) so they both get the same thing to avoid arguments. And the last day will be filled with something extra special for the whole family to enjoy. I'm thinking maybe movie tickets or something we can do over Christmas break this year.

How about you? Do you have a special way you celebrate the Advent and/or 12 days of Christmas?
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