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Eric Lefkofsky on Investing in Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky Investing in Tempus
Starting a company is not an easy process. There are various different processes to manage. This
is especially difficult to do in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry has many issues in
the United States today. Not only are costs going up every year, but few people get quality health
coverage for their health issues.

Tempus is a company that was started by Eric Lefkofsky. In the short period of time that it has
been open, the company has conducted a lot of quality research on cancer. Cancer treatments
need to improve for various reasons. Not only are the treatments too expensive, but they are also
difficult to finish for many people.

Financing the Growth of the Business
In the beginning stages of the business, Eric Lefkofsky had to take out a huge loan in order to get
started. Finding a business loan for a medical company was tough. Few companies wanted to risk
their money for this business idea.

However, Eric Lefkofsky was eventually able to secure the financing that was needed in order to
start the business. This money was wisely used in order to build the infrastructure of the business
and to invest in new technology.

Throughout his time running the business, Eric Lefkofsky has worked hard to pay down the debt.
No one wants to run a company that has too much debt. Not only does it increase the risk in the
business, but it also decreases cash flow.

Genetic Testing
One of the best ways to survive getting cancer is to catch it early in the process. There are many
people who do not find out about getting cancer until it has spread throughout the body.

Genetic testing is one of the best ways to catch cancer early on. There are various people who
have a higher risk of developing certain types of cancers based on their family history. For these
people, getting regular screening is more important than others.

Although your diet and lifestyle do influence the likelihood of getting cancer, there are still some
people who will get cancer despite living a healthy lifestyle. Eric Lefkofsky is the type of person
who wants to help as many people as possible during this time.

Growth of Tempus
Over the past few years, Tempus has become one of the most successful health companies in the
area. With the high cost of healthcare, many people are looking for alternative options when it
comes to their health.

Eric Lefkofsky is always going to strive for growth in his business. He knows that more growth
means that he can positively influence the lives of others. He has a passion for changing the health
industry in the coming years. With all of the issues in the system, he knows that he can help
people treat sicknesses better and also save money.

Although there were some tough times in the beginning of the business, Tempus is now starting to
grow rapidly. Eric Lefkofsky has done a solid job of starting the company and leading it to
profitable growth.

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