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Monday for a good nights sleep

When I first started hearing about people getting a mattress delivered to their door in a compact box I thought it was all kind of strange. So I decided to do a little investigating myself into this new trend. I mean I'm all about trying stuff out for myself so why not. Upon further investigation I found that what they were getting was a mattress that had basically been vacuumed down and shrink wrapped. Kind of like how I store my clothing each season under my bed in those vacuum bags. Kind of cool if you ask me that they were able to do that on a much larger scale to make mattress delivery a lot more convenient. One of the places I came across during my search was They have a wide selection of mattress styles and excellent customer reviews.
My husband is not a fan of memory foam mattresses after having attempted to sleep on one awhile back in a nice hotel. He actually slept on the sleeper sofa because the thought it was so uncomfortable. However he was willing to give one from a shot since they had so many choices to offer for firmness. We ended up going with their Silk Symphony bed because it was a flip mattress that offered both a medium and extra firm side.

From the photo you can't exactly tell which side is which but in this one we have the extra firm side up. I thought if I was going to win over my husband with this bed that would be the way to start. We tried it out for a few nights and honestly neither of us could get a good nights rest on it. It was so firm that you always felt like you were going to fall off the side of the bed. Heck my daughter actually did roll out of the bed when she slept with me one night while my husband was at work. After that we decided it was time to give the other side a shot. Oh man was I glad we did. I loved it, and honestly it was the best I had slept in I don't know how long. I was finally able to be comfortable, and sleep the entire night without waking up at all. For me the mattress was a dream come true.

Sadly for my husband it was a different story. He was right back to the night we spent at the fancy hotel, he hated it. He did give it an honest try for several nights, but every morning he woke up in pain. I will mention he has back and shoulder problems, and is a heavy-set man which all played a part in his issues with the mattress. For awhile we had both of our mattresses set up in our bedroom so we could both get some good rest, but in the end we ended up having to put his back on our bed frame. I had to do what was best for him since he works so many hours and needs his sleep. So right now the mattress is sitting in our spare room as we try and decide what we want to do with it. It's a debate between giving it to our son if he moves out when he turns 18, or getting a queen frame for our spare room for guests to have a bigger bed. I for one am all for putting it in the spare room. :-)

Curious just what a mattress looks like as it fills back up with air after delivery? Check out my short video and see.
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