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VIVITAR for the whole family!

When it comes to holiday shopping I'm one of those one-stop-shop people. I want to pick something up for my whole family all at the same time to me time. I also like being able to go on a website and do a little research ahead of time to save myself from having to do it in a store. The VIVITAR website is really nice for this because it has everything they carry neatly laid out on their website by category. Actually before I visited their website to check out their action cameras I had no idea they covered so many categories of products. Now that I know I'm pretty excited. All in one visit I was able to find something both of my kids are going to love getting for Christmas this year. I'm still debating between a couple products for my husband, for a man who has everything it's a little harder to find a special gift that's unique.

So here's a rundown of the three products I got so far:
First off I picked out the 360CAM because I knew it would make my teenage son so excited. There's this new trend among men called bow-fishing (where you shoot fish with a bow instead of using a fishing pole) and this is going to be perfect for him to catch a shot in action! The camera comes with everything he needs to mount it either on himself or the bow, and it even came in a waterproof case to protect it. Secondly I picked out a heated hair brush for my daughter. She's starting to get into doing more with her hair and I felt alot safer with this option for her vs. one of the irons that has the hot metal fully exposed. With this heated brush she can do all sorts of things from curling to straightening her hair. I also picked out a selfie stick for her. Being in middle school seems to have upped the requirement for the daily allotment of selfies - or should I say photos with friends. It seems like all the girls want to take photos with each other now days so I thought this would be perfect for her to make that task a little easier. It folds down pretty compact so she can carry it in her backpack or even her purse and have it to use at a moments notice to snap a photo or record those special memories.

About 360CAM:
Don’t limit your camera view! The Vivitar DVR 988HD 360 Cam features two 12.1MP lenses, one on each side, for an all around 360 capture so you don’t miss a single thing. This action cam includes a 2.0” preview screen for instant viewing and built-in video stitching software to integrate two views seamlessly into one. With built-in Wi-Fi, instant peer-to-peer sharing of photos and videos is an ease - simply connect to your smartphone and tablet and share images and movies from your camera directly with friends, family or social media!

About Heated Volumizing Hair Brush:
Need a quick fix to taming your out of control locks? Bring out the true style in your hairdo with the Vivitar Simply Beautiful Volumizing Hair Brush. Great for all sorts of hair textures and lengths, this unique styling tool features 180-degree smoothing technology to curl, straighten, or added much needed volume to dull and mundane hair. Make your styling routine creative and fun with this hair brush that tames frizz caused by humidity resulting in shinier and smoother hair that is very gentle to the touch. The dual temperature setting on this styling tool ensures your hair never receives any heat damage or split ends caused by overheating. Maximize the time you have in your usual prep routine with this brush’s quick and convenient heat up process and easy on/off switch so you can achieve salon quality results and be out the door in minutes!

About Shutter Release Selfie Stick:
The Vivitar 42” Shutter Release Selfie Stick lets you take photos and videos from a new angle.  The large, foldable cradle can support almost any smartphone.  The built-in shutter release button lets you snap photos and videos without using a remote.  Lightweight and portable, it extends to 42”, giving you a massive reach to get everyone in the shot.

So if you're on the edge about what you should get someone for Christmas I would say head on over to the VIVITAR website and browse around. There's something that's sure to stand out and make you go "oh yeah, that's what I was looking for!".
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