Stacy Tilton Reviews: Cinnamon & Tabasco Maple Syrup Candies

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Cinnamon & Tabasco Maple Syrup Candies

When it comes to maple syrup I tend to be somewhat of a snob. It all started after my husband took my on my first trip out east to meet his parents in New Hampshire. On the way we stopped a little mountain top store that was sampling pure maple syrup. Oh my goodness was it amazing! And ever since that day I've never looked at maple syrup in the stores the same. The taste is just so much better than anything you could imagine picking up at your local grocery store. Maple syrup is one of those things if you know how to buy it, and know how to use it can create some pretty tasty dishes...or in my case treats.

My husband likes to suck on hard candy when he's at work since he can't have other snacks while he's out on the floor working on the robots. But he's always complained about how hard candy doesn't come in as many flavors as he would like...being him that means spicy. Not just your typical cinnamon disc spicy, but like hot sauce spicy. So I decided it was up to me to make him some hard candies the way he would like them. That's what inspired me to make Cinnamon & Tabasco Maple Syrup Candies. I knew the cinnamon would give the candy a little bit of spice, of course not enough, and that's where the Tabasco came in. The result a nice combination of spice and heat that made my husband smile! I altered a recipe I found on Pinterest just a little to come up with my candies.

My candies were made using maple syrup from The Maple Guild and I have to say I am pretty impressed with the quality and flavor of their syrups. If I had a little more confidence in myself in the kitchen I would probably be entering the Maple It Recipe Contest they are hosting right now. But sadly there isn't a category for desserts which happen to be my weakness! Buy hey if you think you got what it takes check out the contest for yourself - there's a year's worth of maple products up for grabs.

Maple It Recipe Contest

Right now The Maple Guild is hosting a Maple It Recipe Contest to showcase the versatility of maple!

Entrants - including celebrity chefs, food bloggers, restaurants, bars, home cooks, and more -  will have the opportunity to utilize the full breadth of The Maple Guild’s maple products. While the syrups are the backbone of what The Maple Guild does, their innovative products include: infused syrups, maple water, maple-sweetened teas, and the award-winning Maple Cream and Maple Vinegar. All entrants will be competing for a chance to win a year’s worth of maple products, with curated packages based on the season!

The contest will be broken down into three categories – Barbeque, Baked Goods, and Beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). The contest is open to the public, and all entrants will receive a buy one, get one coupon for purchase on The Maple Guild’s website.

Entries will be accepted through December 5, 2017. Anyone interested in getting their maple on can visit to enter or get more information about the contest.

Connect with The Maple Guild: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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  1. Wow your husband really like hot. Cinnamon is about as far as I go with hard candy but I think the boys and my husband would really like it a lot!

  2. I had to repeat the name of those candies out loud a couple of times to completely absorb it. The combination of flavors sounds tasty.

  3. oooh I would so try these, they look amazing

  4. These look good! I have never had anything like this before.


  5. Cinnamon & Tabasco Maple Syrup Candies absolutely look wonderful to me! They are unique and I am sure tasty and I would enjoy them.

  6. This sounds interesting, not sure I would like it though. I think it would be a nice mix of spicy & sweet.

  7. I love maple syrup so I would be interested in trying these candies!

  8. I love maple syrup but not sure about these candies. I like my syrup on pancakes.

  9. I love maple syrup but these candies would be to hot for me, but I think my brother would love them, he likes hot candies too.

  10. I would love to try these! They sound amazing

  11. I'm not a big fan of tabasco but the combination has my mouth watering.

  12. Oh gosh. Would love to try one. So different!