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Earn free groceries while shopping PantryPerks

I'm sure you're already familiar with the ever popular Refer-A-Friend programs that seem to be popping up everywhere. But have you seen any that can earn you FREE groceries? PantryPerks can do just that for you starting with cash back on your purchases. You heard me right they pay you to shop their online store! And if you get your friends to make purchases through the Refer-A-Friend program you can earn from their purchases too. But wait! It doesn't stop there, you can also earn cash back from their friends' purchases, and the next level after that too! WOW that's a lot of cash back opportunities to do your personal shopping from. I've never seen a Refer-A-Friend program as good as the one offered by PantryPerks. Check out the earnings structure below to see for yourself.

Earnings multiply quite fast up to four levels of purchases:
• Consumers earn 7% cash back on their own purchases
• 6% cash back on their friends’ purchases
• 5% cash back on friends of friends purchases

The online store features grocery, wellness and household essentials that include brands of hair care, facial care, fitness supplements, personal care, herbal supplements, specialty teas, food and beverage, as well as pet supplies.  For the health enthusiasts, PantryPerks also provides an option to search products by their attributes, such as vegan 100% organic, fair trade, gluten free, kosher and others.

What I like most (besides the cash back perks) is that you can do your grocery shopping from the comfort of your home. Yes you can do that with other stores, but this is the first I've found that offers the widest selection of natural and organic products. We've been trying to make some food related changes at home so this has been a great way for us to do that and not be tempted while shopping in big box stores that are filled with junk foods.

There's no start-up or joining fees to start earning cash back on the purchases you make or those of the friends you refer. If you're going to shop PantryPerks anyhow I would highly recommend joining their cash back program and make the most of your shopping dollars!

PantryPerks is an ambitious start-up based in the Bay Area that offers a curated selection of natural, organic and specialty products for consumers.  Through a super-charged Refer-A-Friend program, it enables consumers to earn multiple cash backs every time they or their friends purchase on the site.

With start-ups such as Lyft, Uber and AirBnb, people are getting used to having their assets, such as cars and houses earn them a side-income. PantryPerks joins the ‘sharing economy’ by enabling people to now monetize their pantry.

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