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dryel: The at-home dry cleaner

Did you know for around 25¢ per garment you can dry clean your clothes at home? If you've ever used a dry cleaner you know that's a HUGE deal. So now you're ask me how right? Well I'm here to share with you HOW. It's by using a dryel at-home dry cleaner kit. It safely and thoroughly cleans your dry clean only and special care clothes – no fading, no shrinking, no stretching. Yes that even means those super soft and buttery leggings we all have but are afraid to wash with everything else when doing laundry. Dryel uses biodegradable cleaning agents and avoids the harsh chemicals that the dry cleaners use making it safe. And before you ask, no you don't need a special washing machine to use the at home kit. I love it because I am always afraid I'm not getting my leggings completely clean when I hand wash them in the sink. So now after a few hand washes I do a thorough wash using a dryel kit. In three simple steps they all come out clean and fresh!

Dryel also has another awesome product that they recently updated called the dryel Stain Pen. It's formulated to work on a variety of fabrics, including those dry-clean only clothes! Again YES your beloved leggings! The applicator has a soft touch tip that helps power out stains without damaging your clothes. Best of all, studies prove that the Dryel Stain Pen is more effective than the leading stain pen. Now that's something to be happy about...especially when you're as food accident prone as I am!

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