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Start your morning off with an extra boost!

The one thing strike that two things I look forward to in the morning are the smell of coffee brewing and enjoying a quite cup after my daughter gets on the bus. On a cool morning there's nothing better than enjoying that cup and listening to the sounds of nature on my back patio. It really helps me start my day off in a good mood. Lately I've been having to get up a little earlier since my daughter is now in middle school and it starts an hour earlier than elementary school. And I will have to admit it's been a struggle for me getting up an hour earlier in the mornings. I just haven't been able to get myself going quite as well as when I had that extra hour of morning sleep. That's why I decided to give Kimera Koffee a shot to see if it could help me get that extra boost I so desperately need. Kimera Koffee is a premium Caribbean coffee infused with Nootropics, known to improve focus, enhance cognition, and elevate mood. I'm not a coffee snob by any means so I am always open to trying something new. So far I have to say I'm really liking the flavor of the Kimera Koffee, it has a nice smooth flavor and it's not overwhelming. As for the added boost I'm not really sure if I can say it's the coffee that's done it or going to sleep a little earlier at night. Heck it might be a combination of both, who knows. Either way I am happy to say the last few mornings have gone a lot better for me and I feel like I'm more energized and ready to go!

At Kimera Koffee, they’ve imbued the Dominican Republic’s finest ground coffee beans with brain and energy boosting vitamins to create a whole new beast.

Their unique roasts feature locally grown, single-estate artisan coffee beans that are packed with 725mg of premium grade Nootropics—specialized all-natural amino acids that are proven to help increase focus, power output, and cognition.

Kimera Koffee is the first coffee on the market to infuse premium grade beans with natural cognitive enhancers.  They are proud supporters of the Belarminio Ramirez Foundation, which uses their donations to provide school materials, clothes, food, and basic household appliances to communities in the Dominican Republic’s farming towns. Kimera Koffee can be purchased online as well as at select retailers in the USA, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

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