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Look good and be protected with Insect Shield

When it comes to apparel (at least for us ladies) our first thought is usually "does it look good?". Then we look at the functionality of it. If it does something special like keep us cool in the summer or protect us from insects that's just icing on the cake so to speak. At least that's how I feel about it. I like to look nice when I'm out on the town or just hanging out at the state park down the road with the family. When we are at the park though I also like to know I'm protected from insects but don't like to smell like I just bathed in OFF. And that's where the icing on the cake comes in with some new apparel I recently got. It has this awesome new technology that actually repels insects! I was even lucky enough for it to arrive before our vacation to New Hampshire, home of lots of mountains and INSECTS! You wouldn't believe how bad the mosquitoes are out that way, I'm guessing it has something to do with all of the trees and the ground holding moisture. Either way you don't dare go outside without some sort of protection on against them. So for me it was a great way to test out my new maxi dress and for my husband to test out his new tee shirt both complete with the insect repellent treatment. For the parts of us that were covered by the clothing I will honestly say the bugs stayed off. Of course that left the other parts of us vulnerable. But for me it helped me realize just how well it was working, and that we needed to hop online and get pants for him and a cardigan for me to finish off the protection.

About NosiLife – Insect Repellent Clothing:
The world’s first and only permanent insect-repellent clothing range.
Our insect-repellent treatment is permanently woven into the fabric and is proven to reduce bites by up to 90%.

What is NosiLife?
NosiLife is a breakthrough in textile innovation, utilising a new and unique permanent anti-insect technology. Tested by an independent testing laboratory, NosiLife provides proven protection for the lifetime of your garment.

NosiLife is designed to provide a barrier against biting insects that can cause life threatening diseases such as Malaria and Zika Virus. With insect borne diseases affecting up to 700 million people worldwide every year, choosing insect repellent clothing can help to take the danger out of your next adventure.

Now honestly who could complain about looking good and being protected against insects at the same time? I know you won't hear any complaints from us!

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