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Do you know what your cat's play style is?

Any pet owner knows there are lots of ways a cat will play. From playing alone to playing with their best buddy, or even playing with us humans they always find ways to keep themselves entertained. I know our kittens sure keep themselves active. Of course like us humans they can get bored playing with the same toys over and over too. So it's always best to have an assortment of toys you can switch out to keep your cat happy and active.

The Hartz brand knows cats like to play and they know cats like treats too. I like that they have a nice assortment of toys and of treat flavors so we can change it up for our cats. Sometimes the kittens will play with a toy dangling from a stick, and sometimes they won't even touch it. So it's nice to have another option that I can just toss on the floor for them to play alone.

We cat lovers know that our kitties like to play in different ways. “There are four primary play patterns,” says Dr. Georgette Wilson, DVM, the Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs and resident veterinarian at Hartz Mountain Corp.  “They may stay with one pattern or alternate among different types of play. The primary play patterns for cats are Swat, Hunt, Interact and Activity”.
• Cats that love to swat prefer playing with small toys that move or roll easily.  The Roll About Mouse™ has a sisal ball and a plush head, which cats want to chase after.

• Cats that like to hunt enjoy toys that resemble other animals.  Among the Hartz, favorites are the Mini Mice™ and Chirping Bird™.

• Cats that like interacting with their owners enjoy playing with wands. Toys that fit the bill include Twirl and Whirl® and Gone Fishin’®.

• Activity craving cats like to preoccupy themselves with activity centers, hiding places and toys with scratchers.

What play pattern does your cat prefer?

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