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Protect your skin so it can keep protecting you!

If you think about it your skin really takes alot of abuse sometimes. Scrapes, bumps, bruises, you name it we really put it through the wringer. We don't always think about it when we are out in the sun, until after we are burned that is the damage we are doing to our skin. We really should be taking more time and effort to make sure we are protecting exactly what's protecting us. If it weren't for our skin we wouldn't be much to look at now would we?

Of course there are lots of products on the market that you can turn to for help in doing that protecting. And today I'm going to introduce you to three new (at least new to me) products that can help you do that protecting. They are all from the Body Glide line and all offer you a little added protection. Some against the sun and it's harmful rays, and some that help you keep your skin from rubbing causing raw skin and chafing.

Body Glide’s Sunscreen Balm protects your skin from sunburn plus the rubbing that causes chafing and raw skin while being active. Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure; reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating; immediately after towel drying; at least every 2 hours.

Body Glide’s Skin Glide acts as a proactive treatment against those pesky minor injuries that prevent you from the getting the most out of your workouts or daily routines. Simply apply it before putting on clothes, between toes or to any of those hard-to-reach places your skin is vulnerable to irritation from rubbing and get moving!

Body Glide's Anti-Chafe Balm provides a smooth barrier on the legs, arms or chaffing occurs to prevent skin-on-skin and skin-on-clothing chafing. Easily apply it before putting on clothes, to any of the places your skin is vulnerable to irritation from rubbing, and get moving!

So far I've really been enjoying using these products. Not only are they super easy to apply, but they also do exactly what they say they are going to. As a girl that's a little on the thicker side in the thigh area having something to apply on the insides of my legs when wearing a dress to keep my legs from rubbing has definitely been a plus! And they don't have any added fragrances added to them so you don't have to worry about anyone even knowing you're using them.

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