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Take kitty wherever you go with Kitty Roo

My daughter bugged and bugged me about getting one of these sweatshirts as soon as she saw the commercial on TV for the first time. She told me all about the Kitty Roo Sweatshirt and how cool it was. I'm talking like every detail down to the removable pouch that you can wash. That's how bad she wanted to be able to carry around her new babies. We adopted two kittens back in April and at the time they were only two months old. She said they needed to be close to their new mamma to feel safe. I of course knew it was just her way of trying to convince me to get the sweatshirt for her.

We did eventually end up getting one of the Kitty Roo Sweatshirts and I have to say it's just as awesome as she described. I actually requested it in a size large so I too could wear it. I mean why not, I have a kitty too that likes to cuddle. :-)

I will say kitty inside or not it's a super soft and cuddly sweatshirt to wear on a cool night. Of course when you add in a fuzzy purring buddy it's even better. I've found that it really has to be the cats idea to be in the sweatshirt because if they aren't in the mood nothing you do will convince them to stay inside. Usually if you put them in it after they've been playing and are worn out ready for a nap is the best time. They will just curl up go right to sleep happily then. And you can get up anytime you want and walk around without having to shoo your kitty off your lap which is a bonus in my book. I always hate having to dump my cat off my lap when I need to get up for a few minutes to do something.

• Super soft sweatshirt with built-in snuggle pouch
• Carry your kitty while keeping your hands free
• Cozy carrying pouch holds cats and small dogs
• Designed to keep kitty close and secure
• Built-in paw gloves
• Hoodie features cute ears
• Extra-long draw strings with fluffy tips so kitty can play
• Pouch is detachable to easily clean fur
• Machine washable

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