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Stay leak free this summer with Energizer MAX!

This is a sponsored post by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own.

My daughter and I were at Walmart shopping the other day and on the way to check out we saw the big battery center display. It immediately prompted my daughter to remind me we needed new batteries for her replacement light up Pillow Pet. I say replacement because we had to get her a new one after the batteries leaked inside her old one. I tell you what it was one sad day in our house when she went to turn it on at bed time and it wouldn't light up. I figured no big deal it just needed batteries, but after unscrewing the cover to the battery compartment I found a big mess. The original batteries we had used in it were generic ones given to her with the pillow as a gift. And sadly to say they had decided to leak all over the inside of the battery compartment totally destroying all of the metal parts. It was all crusty, rusty and just plain nasty inside there. I know that what's inside of a battery is nothing you want to be messing with so out it went pillow and all. Let me tell you it was a lesson learned about using cheap batteries.

Thankfully Energizer has an awesome line of batteries out called Energizer MAX. With their no-leak guarantee and long-lasting power you never have to worry about your products being ruined. Not only are Energizer MAX batteries are specifically designed to prevent leaks, they’re are also backed by a no-leak guarantee. That means if you do experience a leaky Energizer MAX battery they’ll replace whatever is damaged.  Energizer MAX uses Powerseal Technology to prevent leakage better than the other leading battery for up to two years after fully used when left in low drain devices.

When you purchase Energizer MAX 8 pack alkaline AA or AAA batteries at Walmart right now you can get rewarded big!

Plus if you use the iBotta app you can claim a $1 rebate! This offer will end on 5/29 so don’t delay!

And just like the Energizer bunny and my daughter's light up pillow you're devices will keep going, and going, and going....
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