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I'm ready to get my day started full of energy! #vitasome #mulitflask

I'm not one of those people that hears their alarm in the mornings and just pops out of bed ready for a morning run. I'm one that needs a minute to wake up, another minute to decide to get out of bed, and yet another minute to make my way up and out of the bedroom. It's really a slow process I will admit. It is better as the days start getting longer and I can see the sunshine coming through my windows in the morning though. So I've been trying to take advantage of that these last few weeks and making myself get up as soon as I wake up. And I have to say it does make a difference, I'm not as groggy as when I take it super slow. As you might have read I'm working on losing weight again, and this time not with some fancy weight loss program. I don't want a lose weight quick scheme that will all fall apart as soon as I try to go back to eating meals with my family. I want something that will be long for the rest of my life long term. So I've been taking small steps on my own that I know are doable for me. One step is watching the foods I eat, and another step is adding a supplement to my daily routine. I've been using Curcumin-C™ and actually am quite happy with it so far. It's all natural so it's not addictive, and it's not full of sugar like energy drinks that cause you to crash later. I've been using one of the packets in my Multi Flask bottle every morning. I like using it because it has an agitator attachment that helps mix it up all the way. Plus it's easy to hold while I'm doing other things. Curcumin-C™ has a nice tropical flavor too which I really like because it reminds me of having a glass of flavored water. Over the last few weeks I've really enjoyed the extra pep I've had in my mornings so it's looking like I finally found something that works great for me!

Start your day with a burst of energy! Curcumin-C™ is loaded with energy-boosting curcuminoids extracted from an all-natural healing herb known as turmeric. Ideal for workout recovery, immunity support and extra energy to start your day, Curcumin-C™ is the first turmeric supplement using Vitasome’s® patented liposomal delivery to easily dissolve in water without losing its potency. Just add Curcumin-C™ to 8 to 10 ounces of water and shake well to make a delicious tropical pineapple-orange flavored drink.

Product Features + Benefits: 
• Promotes energy & workout recovery
• Defends against inflammation & pain
• Powerful antioxidant activity
• Helps support the immune system
• Non-GMO-Soy, vegan, diabetic safe

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The Multi Flask lets you have 6 different types of drink bottles in one system, reducing CLUTTER in your cabinet! Just assemble Multi Flask with the desired included parts, to get a perfect bottle for all your types of drinks like: 11 oz double wall hot coffee with glass inner sleeve, or Hot Tea with INFUSER for either Green Tea, or Black Teas; or 20 oz. cold drinks like Fruit Infusions (Very healthy!), Powdered Sports powder drinks which work with the shakable "Agitator" attachment to keep them stirred up, enjoy the Sport-Drink mode, with a soft silicone spout (to protect you from bumping your teeth while drinking and exercising). Designed in Canada by Precidio and patented, we pay careful attention to details to ensure you have a great drinking experience!

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