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WHIMZEES - the all natural way to reward your pup!

Our Java is one of those dogs that loves to be rewarded when she's done something good. And has gone so far as to walking to the treat container when she's told "she's a good girl". Just like I don't like giving my kids junk food for treats I don't like to give Java a treat that doesn't really do anything for her either. That's why we like the WHIMZEES brand of treats. They provide her with an actual benefit when she's enjoying her reward. Take for instance the Veggie Sausage treats, they are made with clove bud oil for natural oral benefits. They also come in three sizes so the treat size "grows" with your dog. No more giving your 50 lb dog a tiny treat she will devour before even tasting it!

WHIMZEES takes the time to make their treats are more than just your average every day treat. They make sure they have health benefits and only the healthy ingredients that your pup deserves. Some of them are as basic as the Veggie Sausage treats that come in a stick, and some are actually shaped to help promote healthy teeth and gums with their unique shape and texture. All I know is our Java sure does like them so they must be pretty darn good!

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