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Mini-trips are my new thing! #thirtyone

If you've been following my blog long you've probably noticed we don't take big trips. For one we just don't have the finances for big trips every year, and two my husband doesn't have much vacation time. So as you've probably seen we like to do "mini-trips" as I like to call them. Whether it be a day trip to see a dinner show or an overnight trip to do some exploring a few hours from home they are really a lot of fun. My daughter actually mentioned to me on the one we took over spring break that she would like to do more of them this summer so she can see more of Indiana. One really nice part about taking mini-trips is that you don't have to pack a big huge suitcase. Everyone can have their own smaller individual bags that fit in the trunk with ease (especially if you put them all in a Deluxe Utility Tote) - and leave room for any treasure you might find along the way! Let me point out we had four different bags inside of the deluxe tote. Yet when it came time to move everything in and out of the car we only had one to carry (well that and my bag at the side too)! Oh and of course it gave me the chance to break out lots of my fun bright patterned Thirty-One bags too!

The first thing I broke out was my Double Duty Caddy. Normally it's sitting at home filled with crafting supplies but this time I filled it with all of the "necessary" goodies we would need for our trip. I'm one of those moms that packs heavy on the snacks because I don't like to stop just because one person is hungry. I don't do convenience store stops for candy bars and chips. I prepare ahead of time with crackers, granola bars and dried fruit. And what better way than in a handy tote we can also take inside the hotel with us.

On our recent overnight trip up north for spring break I took along more of my Thirty-One products than usual because I found new ways to use them. I always love finding multiple ways to use things, and love sharing so others might be able to use them too! This is a photo of their Swap-It-Pocket. It's supposed to be for your purse so you can keep it organized and switch from one to another with ease. I couldn't find my toiletry bag when packing for our trip and remembered I had just received this little gem. Check out how awesome everything fits inside! Two zippered pockets on the outside, two elastic pockets on the inside, and a center pocket. Plenty of space to fit all of my toiletries!

This super cool transformation is the Cool Clip Thermal Pouch. Yes it was thought of for snacks or other things you might take outside and on the go. However I transformed it into a wet bag for our swimsuits after we got done swimming. By putting them in this bag nothing else will get wet on the way home. After we got home I just wiped the bag out with a towel and it was good to go.

I also got to show off my fun new personalized Thirty-One stuff on our trip too. This was my first time using their new website tool to test out what personalization would look like before ordering products. Now if we are out somewhere like a pitch-in picnic no one can try to take my Deluxe Utility Tote because it has our last name on it. And my daughter won't be asking to use my Organizing Shoulder Bag on her school field trips because it has my initial not hers! Yes that has really happened before with another one of my crossbody totes. Just because she thought it was cute that meant she should be able to use it on a field trip. And of course when she brought it back it had a big ole stain on it because she had laid it down and someone spilled red juice on it. So this time I got one with my first initial to avoid her even asking, and keeping me from having to be the "mean mom" and telling her no. I will admit though it's a great bag to carry when your walking around a museum or a park and don't need all of the "extras" us ladies tend to tote around in our purses.

I don't know why, but I just love sharing this photo of my son. As a mom it really makes me proud when he takes care of me when we are out without his dad. All on his own he gathered up the bags and headed out of the hotel room.

With Mother's Day right around the corner it would be the perfect time to take that special mom in your life on a mini-trip...just saying I know I would love it! Of course if you don't have time for a trip you can still get her something special like a personalized gift.

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