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Our party was the cat's MEOW

So my daughter is beyond obsessed with this series of books called Warriors. It's a series all about cats. From what I understand the books are written from a cat's perspective instead of the typical humans perspective. So of course that's the one thing she wanted for the theme of her birthday this year. And guess what? There's no such thing as a Warrior cats party theme. So this mamma had to use her thinking skills and get creative. For me that meant heading online and seeing what I could find that even remotely resembled the cats from her books.

Fortunately I remembered from previous parties that Oriental Trading has a really nice party supplies section on their website. From there I just started searching for anything cat related (that didn't look like a cartoon cat or Hello Kitty). Boy was it a challenge. But as you can see I did have some luck. I found some really cute cat figurines, cat shaped gummies, cat shaped eggs, a stone cat, and last but not least I found a cat head and tail set that was leftover from Halloween. 

My mom's really creative when it comes to making cakes so I gave her the task of making a cat body to go with the cat head and tail. I was quite impressed with how awesome it turned out. I on the other hand am not as creative so I just put some of the cat figures on cupcakes.

We actually had two parties one for family, and one for my daughter and her friends. So for family one I just did a cute basket for the few kids filled with the candy and cat eggs. For her friend party we filled the cat eggs with the candy and did a hide and find the cats came. Both places they were equally a hit though. Everyone thought the cat eggs were so cute and kept asking where I got them. With Easter around the corner they wanted to get some too.

I also got lucky and found some really cute kitty beads and knot beads (that I thought looked like balls of yarn) so I was able to make my daughter a matching necklace and bracelet with. I have to tell you she was super excited when I gave them to her. She immediately put them on and had to wear them for both parties.

I even found this super cool tribal cat coloring page on the Oriental Trading website. I printed off several copies for the kids to have something to do in between playing games and they loved it! Of course I had to get a little something for myself too while I was picking things out so I got myself a set of mini fine point pens so I could do me a little coloring too.

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