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Emeril Lagasse Shoes make my feet say "Ahhh!"

From first glance you might say these are just your standard pair of sneakers. But if you take a closer look you will see (or should I say feel) that in reality they are not. They are a pair of work shoes from the Emeril Lagasse Footwear line. So you're probably saying "AND?" in your head right now aren't you? Well let me fill in that AND for you. And they are absolutely awesome! Yes they are sort of your standard sneakers, but they are so much more than that. I was personally amazed when I started wearing the pair I received. I honestly thought I was slipping on another pair of work shoes that would be uncomfortable and not live up to their benefit claims. You can read about the line below to see what Emeril had in mind when he created the line of shoes.

About the line:
The Emeril footwear line of slip resistant work shoes was established to support hospitality employees who work long hours on their feet. These work shoes are specifically designed and constructed for food service and restaurant workers, bringing style and comfort together in a slip-proof and water resistant shoe. Emeril’s line of slip resistant work shoes will  help you get the job done comfortably and safely. All of Emeril’s Footwear ulitlizes NeverWet® water resistant hydrophobic spray that is applied to the surface of the shoe to provide stain and water resistance.  In addition, an Agion® anti-microbial breathable lining is added to help keep feet fresh and reduce odor on the lining. A flex-channel rubber outsole with specially designed lug pattern is used to provide maximum slip resistance.  An anti-fatigue comfort midsole is made with a high energy return compound to support the foot. The B.A.M (Balanced Active Movement) technology provides a double layer molded memory foam insole to provide 24-hour comfort. These hi-tech features and essential benefits are unique to all Emeril Footwear.

The specific shoe I got to try from the line was their Women's Quarter which is also available in a men's version. Paired up with my black jeans they look like your everyday athletic shoes. But what's inside makes them really stand out as something even better!

Here's a little bit about them:
The Women’s Quarter is an athletic lace-up work shoe that features a nubuck leather upper, a pull tab for easy on and a gusseted tongue to keep debris out of the shoe. These slip resistant work shoes feature the ultimate combination of cutting edge design and technology to provide top notch performance for occupational footwear.  These stylish and innovative sneakers can be purchased in both regular and wide width sizes and are also available for Men.

They to me look like everyday athletic shoes and something I would wear out and about, definitely not a work shoe by my standards (or at least what I vision in my head from my restaurant working days). As far as how they feel after having worn them several different times, different lengths of time, and for different activities I have to say I am very impressed. I'm still in what I call the "breaking them in" stage but overall they are super comfortable. I say that because when I first put them on they are still a bit on the tight side. That feeling however goes away after I've had them on for a short bit so I know they aren't the wrong size for me. I usually get lower back pains when standing on my feet for extended periods of time, I'm talking like doing a sink full of dishes period of time. But wearing these shoes I honestly haven't been getting that lower back pain from working in the kitchen. I even tried on an old pair of my sneakers to see if it was all in my head, and nope it's not. These actually do just what they were designed for, providing comfort and in a stylish way!

I don't work outside of the home right now so I can't attest to how they would stand up to an eight hour work day. But as an at home mom whose day lasts longer than eight hours I have to say they are doing my feet (and back) justice. Here's to hoping they come out with even more shoes in the line because I would love to get me a pair in a fun color too! You know something a fun gal could pair up with women's sexy going out tops!
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