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Polaroid makes homemade Valentines a breeze!

I had no idea Polaroid had so many awesome products beyond their ever expanding electronics line. I can actually remember my first Polaroid camera and how much anticipation (or was it frustration) I felt as I sat and waited for the photo to magically appear on the photo paper. Boy have things come a long way since those day! I still have some of those old photos though and without my Polaroid camera they never would have been possible so I'm pretty thankful I waited for them to take life. Fast forward to the year 2017 and see what Polaroid has to offer now. They have some really cool scrapbooking products that are sure to make your heart melt like they did mine. My daughter has been dabbling in scrapbooking with me for awhile now and these were just the things she needed to keep her busy and make some awesome scrapbook pages. Plus they all arrived just in time for us to sit down and make our annual homemade Valentines for her school classroom exchange. She's always been super picky when it comes to her Valentines so we've just been making them at home instead of picking them up in store. With this set she can cut out little hearts from super cute border stickers and attach them to her cards. Use her glitter gel pens to address the cards. And for some added flair she can even cut the edges of the cards with fun decorative edge scissors. I can already see all of the bits of paper on the floor now! But hey, this mom is totally okay with that as long as it's while we are having fun...and of course someone cleans it up when they are done. :-)

Products Featured:
Vibrant gel pen sets to share love notes in neon, glitter and metallic tones
Mini photo punchers to jazz up cards with hearts, smiley faces and other playful shapes!
Decorative edge scissors to take card edges from ordinary to extraordinary
Colorful border stickers that frame Polaroid prints with fun patterns to bring precious memories of loved ones to life!

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