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Nutri Ninja® Nutri Bowl™ DUO™

Dear Nutri Ninja® Nutri Bowl™ DUO™ where have you been all my life! Who knew it would be (and should be) so easy to combine ingredients all together with just the touch of a button. No more tirelessly mixing and mixing by hand trying to get all of your ingredients to blend together all the way and not in clumps. And no more using your blender from the 90's to try and make the perfect smoothie only to get a clumpy, icy drink you have to chew to finish. With the Nutri Ninja® Nutri Bowl™ DUO™ you can do both of those things (and more really) all with one machine. Depending on what you're making depends on what top you'll want to use, and which blade assembly. But rest assured they all fit the base so you won't need anything additional. That is unless you want to expand your system by adding on a coffee and spice grinder - I bet I have some of y'alls attention with that one! Just think of how you could downsize the amount of individual kitchen appliances by having this DUO system. I just love when appliances offer you additional accessories that you can purchase. I would much rather have one base with different tops than individual appliances for each task I want to accomplish.

Take for instance this nice bowl of pickle dip I made. I wanted to make up a quick batch for a group of friends we were having over and the DUO made it so easy on me. I just dropped in all of my ingredients and in the Nutri Bowl and using the prep blade diced it all up and mixed it at the same time. Like WOW, no dicing each thing up individually then trying to mix it all together with a block of semi-soft cream cheese. Boy were my hands and arms rejoicing.

I am trying hard to work on eating better and I've already came up with a big list of ways I can put my new Ninja to good use. It really doesn't take up too much space so I'm even leaving it sitting right on my counter with a cup attached. It helps me stop and remember I need to make better choices if I catch myself heading for that even snack. Eventually I will head straight to it for my evening smoothie without even thinking about least that's my goal.

Nutri Ninja® Nutri Bowl™ DUO™ introduces Nutrient Fusion, which creates a fusion of foods containing nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and other foods.

For the first time ever, this groundbreaking innovation combines Ninja’s powerful Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction*— breaking down fruits and vegetables to unlock their full potential**-- with the all-new Nutrient Fusion* that brings fresh, vibrant ingredients together for flavorful, nutritious meals, snacks, and desserts worth savoring.

One 1200-watt base, two vessels. Easily switch from powerful Nutrient Extraction* to versatile Nutrient Fusion** with the Nutri Ninja® Nutri Bowl™ DUO. Whether it's breakfast, dinner, or anywhere in between, the options are endless.

*Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.
**By blending whole fruits and vegetables, including portions that are usually discarded.

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