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Keep your tootsies warm with Hi-Tec Socks

When it comes to being outside in the winter I think my feet are always the first to get cold and the last to get warm. I had thought it was just me and there was nothing I could do about it. It didn't seem to matter which pair of shoes/boots I had on my toes would always get cold if I was outside very long. Heck even in the house (we have hardwood floors) they would get cold if I didn't wear slippers. That was until I tried different socks. It never had occurred to me that might socks might be the problem all along. When I got my package of Hi-Tec socks I slipped on a pair to try them out one evening and that was when I realized...hey my feet aren't cold! Not only were they super soft and comfortable, they actually kept my toes warm. I was so excited like you wouldn't believe. I'm the girl that wears socks to bed because my feet are always cold without layers, so for me this was a big deal. Now I'm able to enjoy walking around the house without slippers on and my feet not feeling like they are freezing. Now I'm able to walk in and out of stores to the parking lot and not feel like my feet are instantly frozen.

On another note trying out a few different styles of socks was also a first for me. I had always thought before that "socks were socks". I don't think that way anymore. Yes I knew there were different kinds like sport socks and dress socks and all, but I didn't know that they made socks with added cushion in certain areas for support. The Hi-Tec Performance Hiking socks have that added cushion and oh my can you tell the difference. At least I sure did when I wore them one Saturday afternoon while we were outside working on yard clean up from a recent wind storm. It was almost like they helped keep my feet level inside my boots. I didn't have the overly achy feeling to them like usual either when we were done. Man have I been missing out all these years.

Do your feet get cold easy? Then Hi-Tec socks might be the answer for you too. If nothing else they are super soft and comfortable, and honestly who doesn't want their feet to be comfortable? Plus they have lots of super cute designs too!
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