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Phone memory full of holiday photos? iXpand can help!

With cell phones having really nice cameras built into them now days many times I don't even carry a digital camera with me anymore. I'm always snapping photos here and there and sometimes that means getting that dreaded "memory almost full" message on my phone. I even got a phone with more memory on my last upgrade because I kept getting the almost full message so much. And sadly this past Christmas it happened again! Memory Almost Full!!! Thankfully though I have a way to help combat that dreaded message and allow me to keep on snapping those photos. It's called the iXpand Flash Drive and it allows us iOS users to back-up our photos to a handy little portable flash drive. The iXpand Flash Drive from SanDisk offers a sleek design, helps make life easier, more productive, and keeps photos and videos more organized.

When I first used my iXpand Flash Drive I was like a little kid at Christmas - literally. I love that it's so compact that I can drop it in my purse and not even realize it's there. Yet when I need it well, it's there! Upon first plug-in it will automatically do just what it needs to get you started on your device. It's super user friendly and there's not much you have to do to back-up your photos. If you like you can even leave it plugged in and have your photos go right to the flash drive. Life simplified, now that's what I'm talking about!

• Designed to help iOS users quickly and easily free up space with up to 128GB of additional capacity, and features an easy to use app so users that live life on-the-go are set-up for success.

• Automatically back up photos, videos, contacts and even favorite social media photos directly to the drive through the iXpand Drive app’s social media backup feature.

• Featuring a USB 3.0 connector for faster transfer speeds to Mac or PCs, the next-generation iXpand Flash Drive is the perfect gadget to help organize anyone’s professional and/or personal life.

• Enjoy all your music in one central location. The Music section will combine music that resides on the drive and within your iTunes Library.

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