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Kitchen Storage made easy!

We've lived in our house for over 13 years now, but still haven't been able to update our kitchen cabinets. It seems something else is always going wrong and keeping us from having that extra in the budget. So in the meantime I've tried to come up with any way I can think of to help with my limited storage. Even when sometimes that has meant using a shoe box to keep things organized. You may look at this photo and say "you call this organized?" and my response would be a hesitant "yes...well at least it's all together". It's the only way I could come up with to keep my lids all together and not taking up an entire shelf themselves.

That was until I was introduced to this awesome lid holder from YouCopia. With it I no longer have to use an eye sore of a shoe box and my lids are all organized by size even. Now when I need a lid I can just reach in and grab it instead of fumbling through a shoe box looking for the right size.

I also received a few other YouCopia products to help me get organized. A Drawer StoraStack and a set of Spice Steps. Unfortunately again since we haven't updated our kitchen yet our cabinet shelves aren't very tall and our drawers aren't very deep so I can't fully take advantage of them. So for now I'm going to utilize them in another way in the kitchen until hopefully we get new cabinets next year. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones that's already had the opportunity to update your kitchen cabinets and you have tall shelves or deep drawers. If you are I would definitely recommend these two products for you. They are great for organizing your kitchen and make it so much easier to see and use things. I'm all about organization and keeping my kitchen in order so I can definitely see myself investing in more YouCopia products.
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