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Color me happy!

I have to say when it comes to being a "typical girl" I fit the bill when it comes to getting excited over new nail products. I love the idea of finding lots of color in my stocking.  And I'm sure pretty much any "typical girl" would too. Sally Hanson is one of my favorites when it comes to nail products. I love that they have so many different products and colors to choose from. One thing I've always like to make sure I have done is my nails when it comes to going out. Just that little bit of added color in my opinion can really dress up what you're wearing. And now days there are many additional ways to dress up your nails with nail art pens and sparkly bling.

See now doesn't that just look awesome? I love the color and how it compliments my skin tone so well! And it goes great with so many different colors in my closet I won't have to worry about changing it for awhile with everything else being so busy lately.

Beyond my nails I also enjoy adding some color to my eyes and lips. I've never been really big on the foundation and blush thing, but I always like to have something on my lips and eyes. I have blue eyes that with a little color added around them really stand out. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a color fanatic. Thankfully Rimmel London has a great assortment of colors for my eyes and my lips. I can change it up by what I'm wearing, and by where I'm going. I like to use more muted colors when we are going out for a family dinner as opposed to something a little more flashy when we are going out with friends to have fun.

Have you ever been out and saw a magazine ad with what you thought was the "perfect look"? Or maybe a friend wearing make-up you wonder if would look good on you? Then you'll definitely want to check out the new Get the Look App from Rimmel London. Using the app you can "try out" a look you see on yourself without even putting on one bit of actual make-up!

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