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New Year - New Parties! Use PercyVites

So whether we want to admit it or not this is a digital age. Pretty much everyone out there (kids included) probably has some sort of cell phone or other electronic device they are using. So why not take advantage of the fun you can have using all that technology? Take for instance PercyVites Personalized Video Invitations. PercyVites allows users to immerse their child into the world of their favorite character and create themed video invitations perfect for any party or occasion. Now how cool is that? Instead of running to the store and spending all that time picking out invitations, then sitting down and filling them all out just so you can "forget" to mail them on time you can save yourself a ton of time and the headache! All you have to do is use the PercyVites website and follow the simple online instructions to create your own custom video invitation.

You'll enter all of your party information that will be displayed right in the video that your recipients can watch over and over (and even pause to write down information). Everything is all done in one place and you don't have to worry about forgetting to mail a paper invitation!

PercyVites offers quick, convenient and efficient party planning all with a click of a button and is now offering the popular Shopkins™ license to their roster of personalized invites and thank yous.
Nobody loves a party more than PercyVites and in honor of this celebratory time of year,, PercyVites and Shopkins™ have come together to make party planning easier than ever all while getting your little one excited about party shopping and wanting to help.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the PercyVites Twitter Party tomorrow 12/21 at 12PM EST.

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