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Honua Bracelets: Combine the strength & serenity of the 4 elements

There's just something about the idea of being able to collect things that draws in a girls attention. Especially when that thing has to do with jewelry they can wear and show off all the time. I know for my daughter it's a big deal when other kids are collecting things that she be able to participate. And she loves to be fashionable and wear jewelry that matches her outfits. These super cute Honua Bracelets are a great thing to both collect and wear! They have a little bit of stretch to them and remind me of jelly shoes material. On the inside of each tag you will find a description of which element it is so you're not left guessing. I for one think they are pretty cool and would make great stocking stuffers or goodie bag gifts for a birthday party.

Combining the strength and serenity of the four elements: fire, land, sky and water, Honua Bracelets symbolize the critical energy forces that sustain life on our planet and the power that they each possess. Each force has 6 styles to choose from. There are 24 styles in series 1.

Fire: Lava, Embers, Flame, Ash, Sparks, Lightning
Water: Surf, Glacier, Waterfall, Ocean, Tsunami, Coral
Land: Garden, Canyon, Forest, Oasis, Meadow, Rainforest
Sky: Rainbow, Aurora, Cloud, Sunset, Raindrops, Northern Lights

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