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NEON KYX: Light Up Sneakers for the family

Just when I thought shoes couldn't get any better...and then they added lights! Yes I know I'm a thirty-something mom, but things that light up still get me excited. I'm a little off the wall crazy like that. Heck I would say it was a toss up who was more excited about these shoes, me or my 10-year old daughter. Fortunately we are almost the same size in shoes so we can both wear these. I am really glad I ordered them in my size instead of hers because they are actually really comfortable shoes. They come in white, red, or black and in hi-top or white or black low-top styles so you have options based on what color and style of shoe you like even. I of course opted for the white in low style since they go with the most in my closet and I'm not a fan of the hi-top style shoe.

The really cool part though is when you turn on the LED lights and then walk around in the dark. I wore mine shopping one evening and was really amused at all the people I could hear making comments about might light up shoes. And all the kids that were telling their parents they wanted light up shoes too. It was a lot of fun and I couldn't believe how many people actually even asked me where I got them from because they were so cool looking. So if you're one that likes to stand out in the crowd these will definitely draw some attraction!

NEON KYX light up shoes are packed with LED lights in the midsole for a bright time.
• You can choose between 7 different colors and 4 cool settings (pulse, flicker, strobe and gradual) to match your mood or outfit!
• Includes USB charging cable.
• Available in kids sizes 10 – 6, men’s sizes 5-12 and women’s sizes 4-12.
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