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Mmm... Smell the Num Noms!

Get ready for a sensory overload with Num Noms! Not only do they look totally adorable they smell just as amazing! Num Noms are food-themed characters that kids love to collect, trade, and play with for hours on end. I can say this is a fact because my daughter has them all over my house. From little ice cream cones filled with lip gloss to cute shaped and scented erasers. They are taking the toy market by storm and all the kids seem to want them. I can see why because they are so cute. I even have me a little ice cream cone sitting on my desk with super sweet smelling lip gloss inside. My daughter made it for me so my lips won't get chapped. Such a sweet kid she is to think of her mom.

The Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck and Art Cart have definitely been a hit in my house and have made their way through pretty much every room. Whether it's when my daughter's making new lip gloss flavors, stamping up papers, or playing with the cute little Num Noms you're sure to spot them.

Num Noms are food-themed, scented super-cute "novibles" (novelty + collectables) that girls can mix, match and stack with more than 100 characters to display, trade and collect. To create more than 5,000 scented flavor fusions, mix and stack Nums and Noms for wacky combos that smell SO delicious! Series 2 introduced all new menu themes like Freezie Pops, Brunch Bunch, Pizza and more. Num Noms are full of surprises with Noms doubling as lip gloss or stampers!

You can check them both out in this fun video!

Lip Gloss Truck Playset
Make your own lip gloss with the Lip Gloss Truck Playset! Carry it along on the go!

Includes: Truck playset, lip gloss ingredients, mixing accessories, 1 scented Num, 3 lip gloss container Noms, and 1 collector's menu. (Includes special edition Noms.)

Art Cart Playset
Get artistic with the Num Noms! Decorate and draw with scented pencils, erasers, and stamp Noms.

Includes: Cart playset, ruler/stencil, scented ink pad, scented stamper Nom, scented pencil and eraser Nom, and 3 scented eraser Noms. (Includes special edition Noms.)

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