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Air Wars Battle Drones - Are you ready for battle? #BattleDrones

As my son gets older he gets harder and harder to buy for each year. He's going to be 17 in March and has really outgrown pretty much all toys. And that means his wish list is filled with more expensive things like new release video games, tools and stuff like that. I try to always get him something that he can do with his sister though because I want them to bond no matter how old he gets. The Air Wars Battle Drones set is my solution this year and I think they are going to love it. It's not exactly a "toy" per-say but it's something they can play with. They will each get to use their own drone to use in head to head battle with each other. I can already hear them now telling each other how they are going to beat the other person and "take them down".

Check them out in action:

Air Wars Battle DronesLet the Battles Begin with AirWars, an all-new brand featuring drones you can battle and knock from the sky! The line of RC flying vehicles enables in-air combat using weaponry, skill, and battling techniques.

• Ready to battle right out of the box with 2 drones, 2 remotes,
• 10 weapons, and rechargeable batteries
• 3 speed settings to take you from beginner to advance
• 4 pre-programmed attack flights - Tornado Attack, 360 Spin
• Attack, Circle Attack and the Ram Attack
• Weapons pack to customize your drones

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