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Gift the great taste of Melitta Coffee

If someone were to ask me if I would be happy to find coffee in my stocking this year I would tell them sure. I mean who wouldn't? Well, as long as it's a good tasting coffee that is. If it was Melitta Coffee I would definitely be happy because I've tried several from their line and none have disappointed me. They have a nice robust taste with lots of flavor in every cup. Okay so I know now I sound like a commercial, but I really do enjoy the flavored coffees they offer. I use a mixture of bagged coffee as well as capsules at home. When I'm not drinking alone I will make a pot, but if it's just me I usually only drink a cup or two so I don't need a whole pot. I love that now days we have options when it comes to brewing coffee. Not just the choice between regular and decaf, but also the choice from lots of flavors. So why not gift the taste of flavor and give someone a gift bag filled with Melitta coffee blends for Christmas this year. I promise they won't be disappointed.

Café de Europa premium bagged coffee: Inspired by European café culture, Melitta sources the world’s best beans for this extra fine grind coffee – high-grown Arabica beans, which are the top two percent of the worldwide Arabica harvest. The result? The flavor of Europe in every cup. (MSRP: $6.99/bag)
• Classique Supreme (medium roast)
• Blanc et Noir (light/dark roast blend)
• Vienna Roast (dark roast)
• Espresso della Toscana (extra dark roast)
• Riviera Sunset (decaffeinated roast)
• Parisian Vanilla (creamy vanilla roast)
• Caramel Macchiato (buttery caramel and sweet vanilla cream roast)
• Hazelnut Crème Brûlée (sweet caramel, rich vanilla and wild hazelnut roast)

100% recyclable single serve coffee: These full-bodied, flavorful single serve capsules for Keurig-style machines are not only delicious, they’re also eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. Designed to deliver a heightened sensory experience, coffee lovers can actually see and smell the coffee within the unique capsule. Made with a real filter, it allows water to fully saturate the grinds for a bolder, richer cup of coffee. (MSRP: Melitta single serve capsules, $6.99/box of 10 capsules; Melitta Café de Europa single serve capsules, $9.49/box of 12 capsules)

Melitta Single Serve Capsules
• Classic Blend (medium roast)
• Colombian Supreme (medium roast)
• European Dark Roast (dark roast)
• Hazelnut Crème (sweet caramel, rich vanilla and wild hazelnut roast)

Melitta Café de Europa Single Serve Capsules
• Classique (medium roast)
• Le Donut Shoppe (light/dark roast blend)
• Vienna Roast (dark roast)
• Espresso Toscana (extra dark roast)

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