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What's New for Fall at Magic Cabin?

Do you like to stay up with what's new as the season's change like I do? I know I always get excited with seasonal changes because that means my favorite shopping places will have new catalogs with their latest products. I have just always thought it was fun to see what they have new that might make a great gift or addition to my home decor. At Magic Cabin they have a whole bunch of fun new products for the fall season. We're talking about almost 100 new items all in one place. I of course hopped right on their website and checked them all out with my daughter. And after some browsing around found us a few things we just couldn't live without. Okay so maybe we could, but we didn't want to because they were super cool!

First up was their Light-Up Wishes Canvas. I have to say this is even cooler in person than on the website. During the day it's your standard canvas print with a cute saying on it. And at night it's a super cool light show. It has a switch on the side to turn it on/off and if left on it will even automatically shut itself off after 2 hours. I am totally loving that feature because my daughter's been using it as a night light above her bed. I have always been against her having a light that stays on 24/7 because I don't think she needs a full time night light at 10. This is perfect because she can enjoy it as she falls asleep and then it shuts itself off.

The other new product we got was a set of Ink-a-doo Glitter Tattoo Pens. Oh my are these fun! We've been tattooing each other pretty much every weekend since they came. Of course my daughter's been enjoying them with her friends too when she has sleepovers. I love that they are so easy to use and not messy like paint tattoos. Plus the glittery gel colors are super pretty, and wash off with soap and water! These would definitely make a great gift that any girl would love to receive. I know when I was growing up we would use ink pens to draw on our hands, and these are actually alot safer than standard pen ink.

So what do you think? Did we make some good choices from the fall line? I sure think we did, and they are things we will be enjoying for a long time to come too.
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