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Spray on nail polish say what?!?

You ever have one of those products that you're just really on the fence about trying? You know the ones you see on TV that just look too good to be true, but they have your curiosity peaked. Spray Perfect was one of those for me. When it comes to "As seen on TV" products I'm always a little skeptical to start with due to a few bad experiences in the past. However I will say I've owned quite a few that I've been quite impressed with. After having used it I will now say that Spray Perfect is one that has some good and bad qualities to it.

To start with you apply a clear base coat to your nails (simple to do like usual nail polish), then after it dries you follow it up with the colored spray (a little harder to do on your own, but not bad). Once the colored spray dries you'll apply a top coat (this is what gives the color a nice shine). Then once that coat is dry you'll head over to the sink and wash your hands to rinse off the excess color from your hands. It doesn't take much effort to remove the color from your fingers and the only color left is where you applied the base coat. I will note if you get base coat on your skin the color will adhere to it on the skin also. Once you're done with the clean up process you then have your Spray Perfect nails. I thought it looked really nice and the overall process wasn't really very difficult, just a little time consuming letting all three layers dry. The part I wasn't impressed with was that the next day I already had a few spots chip off on my nails. I only did one top coat, and it says you can do 1-2 so that may affect how well it stays on. With the color being in a spray can there's no way to touch up your manicure either which is a bummer if after a day or two you get chips in the color.

On the overall it's a nice concept and if nail color sticks to your nails well this may be for you. I on the other hand have trouble with polish staying on my nails and not chipping off after a day or two so this is not really for me.

You can read more about Spray Perfect and order it through their online store.

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