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Make safety priority one with Child-Guard #GuardIt

I’m sure you’ve heard about the incidents surrounding laundry pods and the danger they can potentially pose to children. They are colorful, small, and the packaging they come in is not at all child-proof…until now thanks to Child-Guard! Child-Guard is the first ever child-resistant closure system that was designed specifically for products like laundry pods to keep our children safe.

How does it work?
To open the package the consumer must first move the slider to the left point of the zipper. Next you have to push down on the slider's tab and at the same time pull the slider to the right along the track.

Through this added process it helps give parents extra time to reach their children just in case they were to get a hold of a package of laundry pods or other household product that could be harmful to them.

I don't know about you, but I'm always in support of anything that can help us moms keep our kiddos safe. And having the added peace of mind that Child-Guard provides would definitely be a safe-guard worth having on any product that could potentially be harmful to them. It's really a quite simple process to an adult to use, but is just tricky enough a young child would struggle trying to figure out. I for one hope to see it featured by more brands whose packaging is lacking in child safety.

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