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Pet Care from Loving Pets

I would have to say if my pets could talk they would tell you nothing says I love you more then being fed. Okay so maybe having a warm place to sleep and lots of attention ranks right up there too, but my furry friends sure don't miss a meal. I like to make mealtime special for my pets just like a I do my kids so I give our cat and our dog their own separate place settings to enjoy their meals. And of course to contain any dropped food or splashed water. With supplies from Loving Pets I can do this in many different ways. They offer bowls with skid-free bottoms and even have super cute cat/dog themed trays. Together let me tell you they definitely cut down on the messes. I have a cat that likes to pull pieces of food out of the dish before he eats them and before he would have it all over our hardwood floor. Now that he has a tray it all stays on it when he pulls it out of the bowl. Their bowls are stainless steel so they are super easy to toss in the dishwasher for weekly cleaning. Just make sure you take the skid-free bottom off first so you don't melt it.

Maybe it's just me, and how much I love my pets but I think they deserve a special place of their own to enjoy their meals just like we do. Plus having a super cute fish tray on my floor looks pretty cool if you ask me!

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