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Is your kitchen ready for surprise holiday guests?

It seems like every year right around now guests start to drop by for a surprise visit. I'm not sure what it is about this time of year, but it always seems to happen to us. Maybe it's because they are already in town visiting family and friends. Either way I like to try and keep myself a step ahead of the game for those surprise visitors. One way is being able to offer them light snacks and beverages while we visit. I think having stuff on hand and ready at a moments notice makes guests feel less nervous about just popping in. That's one of the reasons I like having a smaller coffee maker like the 5-Cup Mini Drip from Capresso. I can quickly brew up a pot of coffee that's just enough for a few cups, but not so much it gets wasted (or encourages company to stay too late). It even has a drip stop so you an pour a cup while it's still brewing. Another beverage making staple in our house is a Stainless Steel Kettle. Not everyone likes coffee so it's great for making hot tea, cocoa, and other warmed beverages in a moments notice. It's even cordless so you can carry it to the dining room table for refills. I like it alot for my kids when they are playing outside when it snows. I can start a pot when they head out and it's ready with nice hot water for their cocoa when they come in.

As for having snacks available for guests I'm a big fan of keeping blocks of cheese and smoked sausage on hand through out the holidays. I also like to keep fresh veggies and dip on hand too. Having a handy prep board and knife to cut them all with at a moments notice is definitely a must. You don't want to drag out a big cutting board and make your guests feel like they are a burden. So this handy little board works great and it's super easy to clean up when you're done.

In my house it's always been a priority to have a good set of steak knives. Might sound strange, but my husband is a big time meat eater so he's pretty particular about what he uses to cut it with. So when you come to our house you know you'll find a quality set of knives like the Colori® Titanium Steak Knife Set. They have ice-hardened Japanese stainless steel blades that guarantee long-lasting sharpness and performance. Definitely a set you'll be proud to use when you have company.

Don't let yourself be caught off guard fumbling around trying to make your guests feel welcome in your home. My motto is to always be prepared in the kitchen when it comes to surprise guests so everyone is relaxed and has a good time.
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