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Exercise safely outdoors with 4id

With the cooler temps of fall finally setting in now is the perfect time to take your fitness routine outdoors. Whether you're into leisure walking, jogging, or even biking outdoor exercise is a perfect way to enjoy some fresh air and the fall scenery.

However as the foliage changes and the weather gets cooler daylight hours decrease. If you're planning on running or exercising during dawn or dusk, safety should be a top priority. 4id has created some great product to keep you safe, seen and motivated!

I know for me living out in the country as soon as that sun starts to make its descent I have to make sure I have some sort of reflective gear on. There aren't many street lights where we live so I always make sure I'm visible to anyone that may be driving the roads during hours it's not fully bright. My feeling is it's always better to be safe than sorry! With products from the 4id line it's super easy to do this because they aren't just reflective when a cars lights hit you, they are visible at all times. I really like this because I know they won't mistake me for a driveway marker or something other They have a great line of safety products as well as some that are just for fun like light-up headphones.
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