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Melitta - Hot coffee and beyond!

Usually when one thinks of coffee the first thing that comes to our minds is a hot beverage. However coffee has come a long way from the days of just serving it as a hot beverage. Now you can find it chilled, frozen, and in food recipes. It really is very versatile. I haven't tried using it in a recipe yet, but I have had iced coffee and other coffee flavored frozen beverages. And now that I have a nice supply of Melitta coffee I do plan to try out some other uses for it.

The other nice thing about how times have changed is before you always made coffee by the pot, you never really heard anyone talk about using a coffee pod, or other one-cup solution for coffee making. Now there are a wide variety of coffee pod flavors as well as ways to brew coffee from a single cup on up to a pot. One of those ways is by using a Pour-Over Coffee Brewer from Melitta. When mine arrived I felt like a fancy person using it because it's porcelain. It actually was super easy to use and I enjoyed the coffee I made with it quite well too.

No matter what type of coffee you enjoy brewing or how you might like to brew it Melitta definitely has got you covered this summer and beyond.

From the 4th of July to Labor Day (and every weekend in between), delicious, coffee-infused bite-sized snacks, drinks, sauces and desserts are sure to impress.

Revive guests who may be tired from all the summer fun, with Melitta’s premium CafĂ© de Europa gourmet coffees. Available in extra fine ground and whole bean bags and a new, 100% recyclable single-serve option for Keurig-style machines.
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