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A happy pup is a healthy pup!

We recently adopted a pup from a local rescue organization. The moment I saw her face on my Facebook feed I knew she would make the perfect addition to our family. We had been trying to find a puppy to complete our family and our new "Java" is definitely the one. Right now she's about 5 months old and that means she's in full puppy mode. She loves to play and run, but is also moldable so it's the perfect time for training her.

Part of being a pet owner means that you have to care for your pet's well being. That starts with making sure you provide them with good dental care. Just like humans dental care for pets starts at home. There are toys, treats, and even toothbrushes made just for animals to help out with that. The line from Arm & Hammer makes is perfect place to start. Make sure you are patient when your pup if you're introducing things like tooth-brushing for the first time. I know with Java took a few times before she started to understand that it wasn't another chew toy. And in between brushing you can offer toys as well as special treats to help out with good oral care.

Another fun part of pet ownership is keeping them clean. Again just like us humans pets (especially dogs) need baths. When we got our pup she had some really dry skin that made her fur look dull and was full of flakes. So I was pretty excited when we got to try out some products from the BioSilk line. Just one bath with their shampoo and conditioner and I could already see the shine come back in her coat. Of course it rained the same day we gave her a bath and just like a puppy she had to run straight for the mud when we went out to potty. That's when things like wipes for dogs come in handy. They are perfect for spot cleaning in between baths, and those times when your pup gets into things they shouldn't.

And last but not least, because it's one of my favorite parts of having a dog is being able to give them treats for good behavior. There are lots of different brands and types of treats for dogs so make sure you do your research. You don't ever want to give them treats that contain anything that could be harmful to them. A treat with natural ingredients like peanut butter and apples from Bistro Bites is a great choice.

And if you ever plan to take your pup with you on a trip, or just a day out with the family you should be prepared for them too. With TurboPUP you'll be able to have an entire meal for your dog with you in one convenient bar. Remember they are a part of the family too and count on us to make sure they have everything they need.

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