Stacy Talks & Reviews: Snacking made easy at home or on the go with Justin’s Snack Packs

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Snacking made easy at home or on the go with Justin’s Snack Packs

If there's one snack that we really love in our house it's peanut butter. We like to dip pretty much everything in it from pretzels, to celery, you name it. As a mom I love it because I know it's not a bad snack for us. And when we choose Justin's I know we are having an all natural treat too. Another thing I like Justin's is they have so many different flavors of peanut (and other) butters. It's like a sweet reward every time you snack. And with their new snack packs now you can easily enjoy Justin's on the go! These are great for snacking at the park, for lunchboxes, or just any time snacks when you don't want very much. Of the three flavors they have available right now I'm really liking the Chocolate and Hazelnut Butter Blend. It's a little different from an almond or peanut butter. My kids haven't really seemed to pick a favorite yet, they just grab one and start dipping.

Justin's comes in your standard sized peanut butter jar, individual single serve packets, paired with pretzels for on the go, and peanut butter cups. You can check them all out here.

Justin’s makes nut products that are organic and all natural. These delicious creations include nut butters, peanut butter cups, and squeeze packs for on the go snacking. Grab a squeeze pack to put in your child’s backpack for a quick and protein packed snack.

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