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Coloring does the body good

I've been dealing with some horrible allergies this year and I have to sadly say spending more time in my recliner than I would like. With that though it's given me more time to explore some of my coloring books so at least there's that benefit. I find them to be very relaxing so at least my body is relaxing and getting the rest it needs in the process. From the latest set of books I've gotten I have to say I am super excited about the fact that they have tear out pages. I absolutely love this because sometimes my daughter and I both want to do a page out of the same book and this way we can. Plus it's easier to color the left side of a page when you don't have the hump of the book in your way.

Celebrate your faith and your creativity with the surprisingly satisfying pleasure of coloring. As you fill these beautifully intricate illustrations with color, you'll find hours of quiet, mindful enjoyment. Personalize your favorite scenes and scriptures from Psalms to the Song of Solomon according to your own gifts and strengths as you focus on the beauty of the verses. You'll find inspiration with every turn of the page as your creativity flows and you reflect on your faith. Each image is printed on one side of high-quality paper, so you can frame your favorites and display them.

Quilting, coloring and the nostalgia of period fabrics make this coloring book the perfect companion to the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt series. Laurie Aaron Hird's bestselling Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt series lends its sense of charm and nostalgia to this beautiful coloring book. Laurie's traditional block books, featuring actual letters from 1920s and 30s farm wives, give quilters a glimpse into this country's rural roots, commemorating their strength and hope during The Great Depression.

Inspired by these books, fabric designer and graphic artist Missy Shepler created the coloring book pages, selecting time-honored blocks and filling each with detailed patterns intricately rendered with coloring in mind. The result is a coloring book to delight quilt-lovers everywhere but with a graphic appeal that extends far beyond the quilting community.

The Cotton + Steel Coloring Book is filled with charmingly quirky line art inspired by vintage-driven fabrics. The whimsical nature of these Cotton+Steel favorites (plus new designs!) will appeal to both fans of the fabric line as well as the general coloring audience.

As a young company, Cotton+Steel hopes to honor the traditions of creativity, resourcefulness and innovation inherent in the sewing and quilting world. The five designers Melody Miller, Sarah Watts, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Alexia Marcelle Abegg and Kimberly Kight are unusually collaborative, and their fabrics can be found in shops across the world. The designs in this book reflect the designers' personal aesthetic and their collaborative spirit.
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