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Whether it's for a sandwich or a snack I choose Vlasic!

I can remember even as a kid loving pickles as a snack. My parents used to buy the big jars of the whole pickles just for me. And now as a mom I do the same for my kids because they too enjoy pickles just like I did. Not only are Vlasic pickles low in calories, they are also 100% fat-free. They are even gluten free, kosher, and contain no MSG! That makes them an excellent snack no matter who you are. I know in my house they are often a go-to snack for my kids. They know it's something I won't tell them they can't have when they want to have a little snack before dinner.

I'm actually really still in awe at the variety of pickles you can get now. So many different varieties from the typical dill and sweet pickle to the newer bold & spicy pickles. My husband is always excited when foods branch out into the spicy market. And he's already gotten his hands on the jar of sweet chipotle spears I picked up for him. They actually lasted a whole three days before he had the jar devoured. One the other hand I'm still enjoying my jar of the zesty garden mix. I like it because it's a good snack and it's a little different than just having a few pickles. At any given moment in our house you can find a good variety different flavors and styles of pickles in our fridge. We have to have the right pickle for the occasion so we stock up on different flavors as well as forms like spears, chips, slices, and of course whole pickles.

Pickles aren’t just a side for your sandwich. When you’re hit by that craving for a salty snack, go to the fridge, instead of the pantry. Vlasic pickles offer unlimited crunchy satisfaction and are a healthier alternative to chips. With low calories, carbs and fats, you can feel good about munching on Vlasic pickles rather than traditional salty snack options. With a variety of flavor options, such as Dill, Bread & Butter, and Sweet Gherkins, there’s a pickle for everyone.

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