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Get your patio ready for summer with Best Choice!

We've been working on adding some new furniture to our back patio to make it a little more appealing and fun to use this summer. One of those additions is the Best Choice Patio Rocker Bench. I immediately fell in love with this bench when I first saw it online. Why you ask? Well because it's so unique in that it actually rocks. All of the cast iron benches we had looked at in stores were all stationary, and this one actually moves. Yes little things excite me. I love that it moves because I'm one that doesn't like to sit still long. Plus rocking to me is a soothing motion that relaxes me. So what better way to enjoy my back patio then rocking on my new bench. This bench came in a few pieces that my teenage son actually had to assemble upon arrival. It didn't really take him all that long to do and in no time I was ready to enjoy my new bench. I really like the black cast iron look because it goes with all of our other patio furniture very well. Plus it's easy to clean with a hose because it has a smooth finish.

Another addition we have made is a new umbrella because our old one bit the dust in a wind storm last year. We have a pool that we put up in our backyard every summer, but sometimes when it's super hot out and the sun is beating down we can't enjoy it. With our new Best Choice 10' Patio Umbrella we will now be able to do so no matter what the sun is doing. It's plenty big enough to shade the pool and keep the sun from baking us so we can enjoy it.

I really like that this umbrella has an easy to use hand crank that actually tells you right on it which way to turn it to open/close it. That makes it nice for my daughter that's 10 to easily use it. When closed it doesn't take up much room because the umbrella hangs straight down. The base is a cross shape and has little holes at each end that you could use a tent stake to keep it from being tipped over from the wind. You can adjust the height of the umbrella with the flip lever on the side of the main pole also. It took us all of about 10 minutes to assemble the few parts included in the box. I love that the umbrella is waterproof so we can even sit under it in the rain!

You can find these and other great items for your patio from Best Choice on their website.
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