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Looking for some healthy and delicious snack alternatives?

My kids aren't exactly "little" anymore, but they still enjoy healthy snacks like these Little Duck Organics tiny fruits and veggies. Heck I even enjoyed them and I am definitely not what you would call little. I like that they are good for you and they are very portable. I actually dropped a bag of them in my car so I would have them on hand to snack on while running errands around town. Sometimes errands just doesn't work out as planned so it's nice to have something to tide me over until I get home instead of stopping for drive-thru food I don't really need to be eating. These little snacks are sweet and a real treat for anyone, any age. And to be honest who doesn't love some freeze dried fruits and veggies?!

After checking out their website I'm really hoping to try out their Tiny yogurts and Tiny Gummies. They both sound like they would be a delicious, and indulgent snack to this mamma.

Little Duck Organics is an organic and healthy snack alternative for your little ones. Since Little Duck Organics are GMO-free, gluten-free, kosher and have no preservatives, they are a safe and nutritious snack for your little duck! Little Duck Organics are packed full of vitamins and packaged in colorful, resealable, kid-approved pouches.

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Okay, so if you're anything like me you may have had the same initial reaction that I did when you saw "Crunchy Kale". I will be honest I turned up my nose and was like there is no way I am going to eat this stuff. Then I put my mommy hat on and told myself exactly what I would have told my kids if they reacted that way. "You have to try at least one piece before you can say you don't like something." So I put on my big girl britches and did just that. AND guess what? I liked it!! I mean I really really liked it. This stuff is actually really good..and somewhat addicting. I can't really describe the flavor, but it's something unlike anything I was expecting. I even had each of my kids and my husband try some and they liked it too. HA, who knew we'd all enjoy a snack that's also a superfood! I actually stopped off at our local Fresh Thyme Market today while doing errands and picked up a few other flavors for us to try since we enjoyed these so much.

Brad’s provides a handcrafted blend of organic veggies, seeds, herbs and spices to bring snackers an air-crisped, delicious, superfood snacks. Brad’s snacks aren’t just tasty, their ingredients are organic and picked fresh to assure maximum health benefits for you - Brad’s nutrient-packed snacks include crunchy kale, raw chips, and broccoli poppers – each coming in assortment of flavors.

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Brad’s Raw Crunchy Kale and Little Duck Organics dried fruit snacks were created specifically for kids, but nutritious and delicious for humans aged 1 to 100.

How about you? Have you tried anything from Brad’s or Little Duck Organics?
If so what did you think?
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