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HFactor Hydrogen Rich Water - Live life hydrated!

All my life I have always said "water is water" anytime someone tried to convince me that different brands of bottled water tasted different. I just couldn't be swayed into believing that plain water had different "tastes". That was up until I was introduced to HFactor. HFactor is a hydrogen rich water and it does indeed taste different. My son and I actually sat at the table together after both trying it attempting to figure out how to describe it. It didn't "taste" like any other packaged water either of us had ever had. The best description we could come up with was that it tasted "airy".

HFactor is a unique, new specially formulated water that does more than just hydrate. The purified water is infused with odorless and tasteless hydrogen gas - without sugar, fat or harmful chemicals found in many vitamin waters. Studies show this hydrogen gas can reduce the impact of allergy reactions and alleviate symptoms. H Factor is the first hydrogen rich water in the US.

Why: Hydrogen Water has been shown to deploy a wide range of performance and therapeutic effects. Hydrogen, as it exists in normal water, is bonded to Oxygen, preventing this incredible antioxidant from reaching our cells. Enter molecular Hydrogen gas, which quickly circulates, into many locations of our body, including the hard to reach powerhouses of our cells. HFACTOR naturally infuses Hydrogen into water at unprecedented levels, providing a saturation that is easy for our body to obtain and enjoy its benefits.

Benefits: There are hundreds of published studies on the potential effectiveness of Molecular Hydrogen in water. Check them out.

Research suggests that an oral intake of hydrogen rich water may help with minimizing allergic reactions.

Peak Performance
Research suggests that the oral intake of hydrogen rich water before exercise may reduce muscle fatigue caused by intense exercise.

Research suggests that a daily intake of 2L of hydrogen rich water for 2 weeks may help with reducing lactic acid build up.

Research suggests that hydrogen gas has the potential as a novel antioxidant and may dissolve quickly into tissues and cells.

Skin Care
Research suggests that drinking hydrogen rich water may suppress inflammatory causing proteins which aid in the development of chronic skin conditions including eczema that produce itching and redness, and that hydrogen rich water may be an alternative treatment that potentially has preventative and therapeutic effects.

Research suggests that molecular hydrogen may decrease the production of pro-inflammatory factors and may improve cells with additional anti-inflammatory effects.

SO there you have it, a pre-packaged water that does indeed taste different. And it also has many great benefits without any of the additives that many other waters have.

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