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Get all the right answers with Casio

With the new semester in full swing you don't want your student to be left without the perfect calculating tool. It seems like as each semester progresses the work gets a bit more difficult and you really need to have the perfect tool to help ease the stress of homework. With the Casio fx-9750GIIPK your student (or you if you're in college) will get that needed stress reliever. It's not only hot in color, it's also easy to navigate. It's also available in blue so don't worry if your not a fan of pink. ;-) Both would make a great student gift for Valentine's Day too. Sure beats giving them sweets they probably don't really need..

Add the perfect pop of pink to refresh your school supplies! Casio’s fx-9750GIIPK has all of the standard features of an entry-level graphing calculator and is ideal for students in middle school, high school, and even college. It’s icon-based menu is easy to navigate and access functions for a number of common tasks. In addition, the fx-9750GIIPK is permitted for use on all major exams.

• REF/RREF Function
• Random Integers
• Unit Conversion
• New types of regressions
• Chi-squared GOF function
• 9 new probability functions
• Pie charts & Bar Graphs
• Graph X=f(Y)

• And much more!

Buy it: You can purchase the Casio fx-9750GIIPK calculator through their website.

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