Stacy Talks & Reviews: 5 Benefits of Encouraging Kids to Play Baseball

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5 Benefits of Encouraging Kids to Play Baseball

Keeping your kids fit and active is one of the biggest aspects of ensuring they remain healthy, which is where organized sports come into play. Playing organized sports such as baseball is good for a child's mind and body. If you're undecided about signing your child up for organized baseball, read more to learn about some of the best benefits of the sport. If need be, search online for quality gear, such as baseballgloves for kids from Homerun Monkey.

Encourages Teamwork and Social Skills
When a child plays organized baseball, or any sport, they learn the importance of workingtogether as a team even if they don't like everyone on the team. Without proper teamwork, the entire team cannot come together to win. Children learn that they must respect their teammates' opinions, skills, and the ways they contribute. Baseball can also teach a child how to communicate their thoughts with their teammates and improve their social skills.

Health Benefits
Children need to be active for optimal health. Baseball is a sport that can give your child a break from modern technology and helps them enjoy healthyhabits. Some of the most important health benefits of playing baseball include
• Develops strong legs
• Burns calories
• Strengthens heart muscle
• Improves lung capacity
• Strengthens arm muscles
• Improves joint flexibility

When children play baseball, they are performing cardiovascular activity, which gets their heart pumping. Performing regular cardiovascular activities lowers blood pressure, decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes, and controls body fat.

Teaches Decision Making Skills
Just as teamwork is necessary for playing baseball, children will also learn how to strategize and make decisions. Baseball can be fast-paced, allowing many opportunities for them to make quick decisions. Baseball encourages the importance of concentration, remaining alert, having confidence, and commitment.

Reduces Stress
Baseball helps to reduce everyday stress a child faces because it gives them something else to think about. Organized sports help to free their mind and encourage a healthy outlet for them to relieve stress. Being active allows the body to produce endorphins, which replaces stress and allows them to feel good.

Encourages Friendly Competition
Playing sports isn't all about winning the game, and it's important to teach your child that it's okay to lose sometimes. Help boost your child's confidence by praising and encouraging them even if their team loses. It's natural for a child to feel bad if their team doesn't win, so help them through the disappointment as much as you can. Helping your child deal with disappointment at a young age will teach them how to be stronger as they age and will help them learn to never give up. Spend time with them improving their skills so they can be more confident and prepared when on the field.

Organized baseball can provide many benefits to your family. It will give your child something to be proud of, boosting their self-esteem. Work together with your child to help them remain positive about the sport. Never push them to the point where they end up disliking the sport. It's great to win the game, but let the sport be a positive experience for them where they can let loose and just have fun. 
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